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we provide a programme of support, guidance and development



As a forward-thinking freight trucking company, we’re always moving ahead by implementing value-creating initiatives. These include our owner-driver programme and employee education grants, which are based on policies of fairness, transparency and empowerment.

Recognising that people are our most important assets and with our focus on the wellbeing of our employees, Xinergistix also considers the wider needs of the community, making social development and upliftment key areas of our corporate social responsibility.

Empowering employees

Xinergistix provides equal career opportunities to all individuals and is committed to the ongoing development of our employees, offering financial assistance towards industry-specific training and education.

Owner-driver programme

Xinergistix has implemented a successful owner-driver programme which enables our employed drivers to become vehicle owners.

For this programme, Xinergistix has teamed up with DaimlerChrysler Services South Africa (Pty) Ltd, Sandown Commercial Vehicles, a division of Sandown Motor Holdings (Pty) Ltd and Willbrink Outsourced CC. Together, we provide a programme of support, guidance and development around the individual owner-drivers, whereby employees are given the opportunity to develop as entrepreneurs and to build up a capital base.

The success of the programme builds on the high levels of productivity that stem from real pride and a sense of ownership. When customers choose to use Xinergistix as their preferred transport provider, they are directly aiding this initiative.

Work-life balance

We strive to create a pleasant work environment through company initiatives that promote a healthy lifestyle, with access to wellness funds and counselling. Our drivers also receive annual medical examinations as per our health policy.

We supply safe and clean sleeping facilities for our drivers at company depots. We also ensure that only pre-authorised stop and overnight points are used by our drivers, for their comfort as well as your freight’s security.