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we apply meticulous selection criteria when we recruit



Relax, we’re driving

Increasing service and safety standards happens alongside reducing supply chain costs to create value for our customers on every level.

With our experience in safely transporting our clients’ consignments to their destinations, we know exactly how vital it is to choose a transport company that can expertly manage all aspects of the risks involved.


We maintain a high standard of driving among our employees and impose strict adherence to policies, procedures and documentation.

Our dedicated driver-trainers ensure that all new drivers are put through an in-house driver training induction course and we apply meticulous selection criteria when we recruit. All our drivers receive annual retraining courses to ensure their driving abilities are up to standard.

Our eyes are on the road (and on your cargo)

24-hour fleet control

All our vehicles are fitted with real-time satellite tracking and on-board communication systems. This sophisticated technology enables our team of dedicated fleet controllers to stay in contact with the drivers and monitor all our vehicles on a 24/7 basis, ensuring efficiency and minimum risk exposure.

We guarantee that your cargo will be monitored and tracked from pick-up to delivery, giving you the advantage of knowing your freight’s status at all times. To track your truck, simply contact our vehicle tracking division.

Driver-report call centre

All Xinergistix vehicles are marked with a toll-free number that the public can contact, should there be any comments or concerns that they wish to report. We constantly monitor these reports to ensure our drivers are on track when it comes to road safety and decent road conduct. This number is 0860 555 999.